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"RONA V 2020"
 by, 8bliss 

Artist: 8bliss 
Song: "RONA V 2020"
* Selfie video shoot. Quarantined at home in Oak Park. Hangin' with my little Sun.

"It's an artist's duty to reflect the times in which we live." - Nina Simone


8bliss (Infinite Bliss) in an Underground Hip Hop Poet & Avante-Guarde Electronic Producer. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, a sponsored skateboarder in the 90's, and a spoken word poet in the San Francisco Bay. In 2001, he tied for first at The Oakland Poetry Slam. In 2004, he was nominated for a UK “UMA – Underground Music Award”. In 2006, he toured Europe with (90's platinum) Lords of The Underground.

He's collaborated with: Nemo & Baracudda (Wu Tang Clan / Killer Bees), Kruze (Underground Cartel - UK), DJ Kam-r (France), Johnny Bass (Sweden), DJ Bless (South Carolina), Dj Exacto (SF, CA), Todd Modes (Detroit, MI), Abstract Butter Fingas (Los Angeles), and more.


IG: @8bliss  
fb: Brad 8bliss James                


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