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8bliss leaked a NEW joint w/ Sam Be Yourself
"Feelin' Tough" in his 1 hour dj mix on - Really Nice Trip #24
Stay tuned for the second hour with John Briggs, amazing selections. 


Detroit's " Sam Be Yourself" is  on Netflix's "Rhythm + Flow"!

He passed judgement by, Chance The Rapper, Royce Da 5'9, Twista, TIP, Cardi B, and made it to the Top 6 !!

Tune in NOW on Netflix,
Rhythm + Flow - Season 1.


Title: Sol
Artist: 8bliss
Label: Astralharmonic 
Listen & DL: bandcamp

NOT FOR PROFIT. All Proceeds are a DONATION to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). We must do what we can to combat inequality and injustice.

Finally Released Aug. 2020, this EP has been in the works for years. 1/2 Instrumentals & 1/2 Songs. Featuring production by, 8bliss with a few of Detroit's finest underground rappers: Jemille Ali, La Peace, Sam Be Yourself, and 8bliss himself.



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