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Featured Artist:  Jemille Ali

2. Breakdown - feat. Jemille Ali
Producer: 8bliss

"Sol" - EP:
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Jemille Ali is a producer/rapper/writer from Detroit, MI. At the age of 15, in the mid 90's, he started making music and performing with Drum and Bass DJ's at underground parties. In 2000, he joined the hip hop group Dubphonics. They toured with many established hip hop acts and performed at musical festivals all over the mid-west: North Coast Music Festival (Chicago), Summerset Music Festival (Wisconsin), and Movement Electronic Music Festival (Detroit).

Jemille is a such pleasure to work with and an excellent Live performer. He has opened for Lil Wayne, The Gza (Wu-Tang), Brother Ali, J Dilla, Madlib, Danny Brown, Jarobi (A Tribe Called Quest), EOTO (String Cheese Incident), Datsik, MC Breed, RJD2, and Atmosphere.

Jemile Ali

IG: @Mr_Ticket
fb: Jemille Ali Abdula


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