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Featured Artist:  
Jason Hogans AKA :brownstudy


Beats & Rhymes - 1 hour showcase
Galerie Camille - Detroit, MI

20 min sets:
00:00 - Jason Hogans (intro music)
01:58 - 8bliss  
18:35 - Sam Be Yourself & Jemille Ali 
38:09 - Jason Hogans 

* Original broadcast:
Facebook LIVE - Sat 2/8/21 @ 9pm

Jason Hogans AKA :brownstudy is a producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in Detroit. He debuted in '98 on Carl Craig's Planet E with “Peter And The Rooster”. He combines drum & bass, techno, jazz, and hip hop elements in a brilliant display of original creativity and experimentalism. Since then, he's had numerous 12” vinyl releases on a multitude of labels (Sound Signature, Alelah Records, Mahogani, Planet E, Third Ear Records, Really Nice Recordings). Pre-covid, he set up yearly solo tours, performing live beatsets all over Europe. 

Jason Hogans AKA :brownstudy

IG: @jasonhogansdetroit
fb: Jason Hogans AKA :brownstudy


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