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In collaboration with,
Zypher Unlabel.
We present our first single of 2020:

"Bless Up"


Title: "Bless Up"
Artist: 8 Bliss 
Music: Abstract Butta Fingas 
Video Shoot: HAWAI'I

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Zypher Unlabel
Los Angeles, CA
(c)2020 BMI

Born on a stormy night in Chicago, raised in West Africa, Mbela Ngale Endeley AKA abstract butta fingas has been known to make an entrance. After 3 years on college radio, obssessed with the music of Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Autechre and combining that with his love for downtempo masters like Kid Loco, Nightmares on wax and Madlib, Jay Dilla, Dr Dre, Samiyam, Ras G and other underground Hip-hop producers; ABF decided to make his contribution to the advancement of the sonic arts.

Mbela Ngale Endeley AKA: abstract butta fingas

IG: @mbelangale                    
fb: Abstract Butta Fingaz

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Brad James (AKA: 8bliss) was a sponsored skateboarder in the 90's. In the early 2000's, he was a regular poet in the San Francisco Bay Area Spoken Word scene. This lead to world wide artist collaborations and touring Europe with (90's platinum) Lords of The Underground. He's been producing videos, programming beats, and playing avant-guarde electronic synthy vibes since he was a pup. It's 2020 and he's got with a few new gifts to share.

Brad James AKA: 8bliss

IG: @8bliss
fb: Brad 8bliss James                           



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